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    Genius system let's you learn approxiamtely 1000 Foreign words in a few hours! Speak Chinese or any language for that matter, with Math Fraction, or Math Number, or Math Special Number. Simply, associate any of these Math Concepts with the Foreign Word to exponentially learn lot's of foreign words in a few hours. See the Chinese Language "Fraction" worked example, below and to the left, inside the Calculator:

    "Today" = < Jintian > = 10 / 1 Fraction! 


    10/ = The fraction expressed on this page = TOday = TO 10 = letter JJintian, and 1 = I = Jintian. Many Thanks! Mr. Horatio Anthony Baugh!

    Language Calculator is a free online language resource. Here you will find word to math conversion calculator. This calculator page shows fraction, math or special number equations that help you understand learning Chinese the fastest way. If you don't find what you need, we are always happy to consider requests for new calculators or additional features and information. Contact us for Calculator Requests and Suggestions.

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